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What to do to set Wild Star up for Success -
As a professional MMORPG webstores for over 9 years, from being in the beta and seeing new people join every beta weekend and the same questions being asked every time-What can we do to set Wildstar up for success?

WildStar class guide:A Stalker Tanking Guide -
A simple mantra as old as time itself, which rings true for Stalker tanks. Unlike their Warrior and Engineer counterparts, Stalkers rely on avoiding damage through deflects rather than heavy armor and mitigation stats to take the hit and shrug it off

Useful Ways to make Wild Star Credits -
WildStar, the long-in-development massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Carbine Studios, will be released June 3 .Credits is one of the most important resources in Wild Star. Credit is needed for everything from repairing gear and

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