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What is the top 3 anticipated features of WildStar for you - WildStar-plati...
WildStar is a science fiction MMORPG in development by Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT was announced that pre-orders start on 19 March with the official launch starting on 3 June 2014 at 12:01AM PDT.WildStar is available in tracks WildStar Platinum development for you - wildsta...
WildStar Platinum is the universal currency of the game and used by all eight races. Aside from the usual questing and leveling, the most popular means of obtaining Platinum tend to be crafting and trade-skill related

What's your impression on WildStar -
So I heard about Wildstar while playing RuneScape. I hadn

How to make food in WildStar -
In WildStar there are various of food,they are mostly used to get back the H quickly after battle and increase the variety of buff,which makes you more relaxed.But how can we get all the food?

What's your favorite paths in WildStar -
are four Paths in WildStar, which are Explorer, Soldier, Scientist, Settler. After you chose the race and class, you can pick a path start your adventure in WildStar. Different path has different career, here we are glad to introduce these

What you need to know about the WildStar Name Reservation - WildStar-platin...
Name reservation is a bonus that comes from pre-ordering WildStar before the 23rd of May. If you haven’t already check out the pre-order page on the WildStar officail site.

The guide to creat a Warparty in WildStar -
During PAX East 2014, Jen Gordy, lead PvP designer on WildStar, led a behind-closed-doors tour of Warplots -- the main end-game PvP 40v40 feature. She went pretty in-depth with everything involved in Warplots, including how to build them.

The Detail guide to Veteran Adventures in WildStar -
Veteran Adventures are part of the first tier of major Elder Game content in WildStar. Veteran Adventures are level 50 versions of the Adventures that players have completed while leveling up. In addition to being scaled for level 50

Add players as neighbors to allow them to visit your house whenever they,CONTENT,

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