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You can read the latest news about FIFA 15 and their guides here. You can also get the latest news about FIFA15-coins’s promotion events and giveaways.

More FIFA Coins can make game playing Easier -
FIFA Series have got a lot of fans and players, there are thousands of players are addicted into playing this cool game on different kinds of devices like PS, iOS, Andoid and PC. But it seems more players prefer on PC since it is easier to operate.

4 New FIFA 16 Career Mode Details -
Changes has coming to FIFA 16, FIFA 16 has been changes rightfully. Career mode has been unable to compete with FIFA

Complete Ways To Get FIFA 16 Early Access -
FIFA 16 is being beta, the early FIFA 16 release date comes five days before the official FIFA 16 release date on all platforms in the U.S. This is even earlier for users who are in other countries where the FIFA 16 release date is September 25th.

FIFA 16 Mobile Device Download Additional Information -
FIFA16 Mobile beta version of the game is exclusively available for iOS 8 from the Canadian App Store. It will be worldwide launched on September 22nd and you can find more guides with all the mobile details at FIFA 16 Mobile tag (TAGs Link only

FIFA 16 Will Feature Vanishing Spray During Set Pieces -
announced Wednesday that FIFA 16 will show referees using vanishing spray during set pieces. The tool, which had been used in competitive football by the likes of MLS for a few years now, gained more widespread visibility (and snark) last

How to Build Up Your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team -
the fifa 15 coins online, you may be several easy steps away from possessing your own ideal team. Purchase packs or play for free. Create your own team by means of selecting from over 8,000 players and then set your play style, favorable

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